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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Ukulele Underground Forum has Threads for contests. Among these contests is an ongoing, weekly, contest (or challenge for some of the Season's ukulele players are in it for the fun and personal challenge mostly) called The Seasons of the Ukulele. Every week is another Theme. Themes are determined by the ever changing hosts who have signed up for the task. Hosts (who are also participants in previous seasons) also determine most of the rules for their season (week). I find it to be like a scavenger hunt for the perfect song(s) once the theme is announced. Some songs I already know will work and then there are seasons that it's a hunt for a new song to fit the bill. I have found it a challenge and improvement to my musical skills to find a song(s), practice song(s), and video record a performance(s) worthy of being in a contest in the week allotted. Nothing like jumping in with both feet, over your head, to find out if you can swim or play ukulele. A wide variety of ukulele players make up the regular challengers so don't be afraid to join in the fun. Be fore warned though. If you take the plunge you could develop the Seasonal Anticipation Syndrome. There is a thread for that as well in the Seasons forums. Come join us for the challenge and for the friendships you'll develop with ukulele players around the world.